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About Us

Founded in 2019 by Andrew Chignell and Mark Johnston, the Princeton Project in Philosophy and Religion (3PR) is an initiative of the University Center for Human Values (UCHV), in cooperation with the Departments of Philosophy and Religion at Princeton.  


3PR brings together an interdisciplinary group of students and scholars who share a research interest in the philosophy of religion, broadly construed. The scope (“broadly construed”) is intentionally open-ended: the focus is on philosophy of religion as it is typically practiced by analytic philosophers, but we also include the history of philosophical thinking about religious issues, the psychology and cognitive science of religion, theories and methods in the study of religion, the philosophical study of non-western religious traditions, and religious ethics. 


3PR is directed by Andrew Chignell and Lara Buchak. It includes a number of other faculty members and postdoctoral fellows, and is supported by faculty friends and collaborators in the Departments of ReligionPhilosophyPsychology, and in the University Center for Human Values


3PR sponsors multi-year postdocs. External faculty who are interested in spending a year at Princeton associated with the Project are encouraged to apply for the Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellowship program at the UCHV.

(Credit to Silvia De Toffoli for the background photographs of the 1879 Hall Arch which literally if not symbolically divides Princeton's Philosophy and Religion Departments, and which we hope to bridge.)

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